Deb Griffiths | Own Your Worth | Deb Griffiths | Mindset Coach and Healer Tauranga, New Zealand and International
Spiritual Energy healer, Personal Life Coach and Business Coach in Mt, Maunganui Tauranga. Changing yourself is the catalyst to success in life, relationships, business and career.
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Too many people seek for personal and professional development outside of themselves, and wonder why the transformation they seek proves so elusive.

That’s why I specialise in owning your worth…

Hi I’m Deb…

Born in beautiful South Africa Deb is a free spirit who has a passion for adventure and the great out doors. At 21, Deb set off from her beloved homeland to explore the wonders of the UK and Europe, embracing the diversity of all cultures, the fascinating history and abundance of many memorable experiences.

After two years in the Northern Hemisphere Deb decided to head to NZ and in 2005 became a proud Kiwi after receiving her citizenship. With a real sense of belonging Deb was in her element, she feels very privileged and embraces everything Kiwi, “even to the point of cheering for the All Blacks.” Her sense of adventure and desire to challenge herself remains part of who she is, completing the Queenstown Marathon in November 2014, 3 half marathons and 3 triathlons. Deb has learnt the importance of commitment and dedication from the many hours of training and preparation for these types of events and applies the same ethics throughout her life. Deb is a courageous, connected, fun loving person seeing opportunity where most see failure. Focused and determined, she takes nothing for granted and is extremely grateful for her life and all the beauty that exists around her. Deb is passionate about inspiring others to experience a life of equanimity.

“My philosophy is; Everything begins with you – change yourself and the world changes. As within, so without – whatever you think about comes about. Buried emotions never die – acknowledge them don’t be controlled by them, thus living a life of passion and energy.”

Are you owning your worth?

Deb is an accomplished personal and professional coach, healer and workshop facilitator who has spent almost 20 years working in corporate and government industries, and more recently the personal and professional development and healing space.

Deb’s soul purpose is to share her knowledge uplift, empower and inspire others to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.  She says; there are typically two reasons we are reluctant to change or seek growth; firstly, fear and secondly the comfort we get from the status quo. On top of that we often limit opportunities by the story we tell ourselves.

As a specialist in both healing and coaching, Deb provides a unique holistic process on your journey to success and sustainable transformation, partnering you to clear beliefs and experience full reintegration.


“I have been doing healing work with Deb for the past two months, and during that time it became quite clear to me that I was in the presence of a very highly evolved intuitive powerful healer!

The healing that has occurred as a result of her creating a space for us to both be in, has been filled with miracles, a-ha moments, and has supported me in the process of coming off a 7 year cycle of medication that I now no longer need. Deb knows herself inside and out, which means she knows how to get out of the way for healing to occur. She is one of the most in tune healers I have met, and she is spot on with her knowings.

The most important thing for me with healing is to feel safe, to know that the healer takes responsibility for themselves and is able to stay in the present moment with me, so as not to release any of their stuff into my energy field – she nails this part!! There is more to this woman than meets the eye, her Soul is Powerful, and has ancient wisdom beyond our earth years. Deb knows her stuff and I love our sessions together, I learn so much and see so much about me and ultimately the whole process helps me to be a better person, and more loving and kind towards myself and others. I am so grateful I have met this beautiful soul, and I feel so honoured to be in her life.

Deb does not necessarily do anything to me, but she brings more of my expanded soul out, and shows me – ME! Ultimately she has assisted in my journey and will continue to assist me in my journey of love and I know loving yourself is one of the most powerful ways to be here on Earth….seriously good eh?

To finish off here, just go see her, make up your own mind, but this is one person you do not want to miss out on!!! Give her a call….if you take responsibility for yourself and know things are holding you back from being the most amazing you, then I highly recommend Deb.”

Tanya McQueen – Mt Maunganui July 2017

“Initially I found Deb through a friend. I knew I wanted a change in my life, to step up and actually start doing the things I had long wished and wanted to do, but was too scared of doing.

With a combination of her coaching and healing practices, Deb lead me through a journey of discovering me. This journey allowed me to release many old and deep beliefs (some I didn’t even know were there) which had been holding me back and start on the path away from the mundane, and into living my passion.

Sometimes breaking through my limitations was confronting, but with Deb’s guidance I was able to see that the ‘gold’ was just one step away from where the discomfort was.

Thank you Deb for bringing me to a place where I feel freer and clearer than I have ever felt before. I have more clarity and direction than I have ever felt my entire life.

You have also given me skills and knowledge I can take forward with me forever. Thank you.”

SK – Mt Maunganui May 2017

Too many of us live by other people’s opinions, don’t own our worth, lack self-belief and are constantly seeking validation from the outside world. As a mindset coach, I can help you:

  • Appreciate your own worth so you can find freedom, approval and fulfilment within yourself.
  • Find the courage to overcome your fears revealing a world of new possibilities, true freedom, success and a life where nothing has you.
  • Collapse the limiting beliefs that you are running in your life. Working with our believe systems is an extremely powerful tool for anyone wanting to strengthen their capabilities, to learn, grow and evolve as an individual or professional.
  • Create new exciting goals and opportunities in relationships, careers, businesses and life.
  • Support you to bring your thoughts, words and actions into alignment with your personal truths, values and character in order to produce the desired results.
I invite you to book a 30 complimentary coaching consultation

Energy healing is a therapy that is done to promote healing of the etheric or energetic body that exists in all of us. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body, with each having a direct effect on the other. Therefore, energy healing therapies may help us mentally and spiritually, as well as physically. I do not physically heal but work as a channel that helps to connect the client with their I AM Presence, the individualized higher self. The Higher Self will determine what healing the client is ready to receive based on awareness and Light within them.

As a healer, Deb channels energy from the universe and uses it to change patterns within the energy field that is present in every human being.

Methods of healing:
  • Colour Therapy
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Clearing Old Energy
  • Soul Energy Healing
Workshop Focus

Love vs Fear – What drives you? – $99

Saturday 12th August 2017, 9am till 1pm


Do you feel like you are on the wrong road going in the wrong direction or perhaps have no direction?

Imagine a life where your decisions were based on love and you trust your choices. Imagine learning from every experience leading you to clarity, direction and purpose.

Do you make decisions based on fear?

Do you regret the choices you have made?

Is your past holding you hostage?

Do you know what you want?

Do you feel overwhelmed with confusion?

Do you love life, are you living your passion yet still making choices from fear based projections?

This is an opportunity for you to identify what is holding you in these patterns and shift them to become the empowered you.

This workshop will include:



Energy Vibrations


Read more

I invite you to book a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation

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I invite you to book a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation