Deb Griffiths | Own Your Worth | Deb Griffiths | Mindset Coach and Healer New Zealand and International
“Debs philosophy to change; Everything Begins with You -Change yourself and the world changes, As within, so without – Whatever you think about, comes about, Buried Emotions Never Die.”
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Meet Deb…

There’s something special about Deb Griffiths, you know it from the second you meet her. Hard to quantify but undeniable, her essence is a compelling blend of lighthearted warmth, positivity and authenticity that’s impossible to fake. What cements the mix, however, is Deb’s sense of fun. Quick to laugh, her humour gracefully offsets the sensitivities of any situation. These qualities combine to form Deb’s ‘superpower’ – a rare and enviable ability to intuitively connect with others to affect positive and lasting change.


Early career choices saw Deb establish a comprehensive foundation in business management, including human resources, accounting, customer services and information technology. Proficient in a multitude of software programmes, she also has experience in development, specification and training.


Unsurprisingly, Deb’s ‘superpower’ eventually led her to explore outside her successful corporate career to acquire a broad range of coaching and healing qualifications. Employing ThetaHealing®, kinesiology, Reiki, NLP and Colour Therapy, Deb achieves life-changing personal and professional transformations in others on a daily basis.


Deb attributes much of her insight to having experienced and overcome personal adversity; a series of events which triggered a downward emotional spiral, affecting both her relationships and own well-being. At an all-time-low, Deb realized she had to face her issues head-on. Using natural retreat, coaching and healing to restore her mind and body, she says; “I keep myself ‘clean’ –  eat, sleep and breath it every day. Now I’ve mastered it; I feel privileged to teach it.”


A wealth of testimonials endorse Deb’s ability to get results. She unfailingly identifies and treats the conscious and subconscious blocks which are limiting her clients’ ability to achieve their personal and professional goals. Deb’s work is guided strongly by the belief that there is always something to discover if you’re open to seeing it. “Every opportunity is an opportunity to learn. I love it when I have a realization or shift of my own during coaching and will always share this with my clients. There’s something immensely powerful about shared experiences.”

Now a New Zealand citizen, Deb was born in South Africa and recalls a wonderful childhood which she credits for teaching her the importance of family and motherhood – her proudest calling. Deb is passionate about raising her daughter with values of love, respect and compassion for both herself and others. As with her clients, Deb’s strongest desire is that her daughter understands that, with the right mindset, she can achieve anything.

“Debs philosophy to change; Everything Begins with You -Change yourself and the world changes, As within, so without – Whatever you think about, comes about, Buried Emotions Never Die.”

To experience full reintegration one needs a combination of healing and coaching. As a specialist in both these modalities Deb offers a unique holistic process and experience on your journey to sustainable transformation. Deb has a variety of packages to assist with owning your worth both personally and professionally, so feel free to book in for a 30 minute free consultation!

I invite you to book a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation