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Empowered Period


Lets stop treating periods like the nature’s consolation prize and empower our young women to embrace the benefits of her cycle.

Join me in this fun, light and creative workshop for mums and their young women. Where we take the “worst” things about being a menstruator and turn them into the best things.

The truth is, the menstrual cycle has benefits – big fantastic, daily, monthly, even lifelong benefits.


Backed and aligned by science but packaged very differently to your school education. This is a great way for you and your daughter to prepare, learn and celebrate embracing her womanhood.


This workshop is for our maidens age 9-13 and their significant other.


Your investment is $99 includes entry for 2, a value packed 2.5 hour workshop, a goodie bag and discount codes for some amazing NZ Menstrual Cycle products. 

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