Deb Griffiths | Own Your Worth | Deb Griffiths | Mindset Coach | Belief and Behavior Specialist | Coach to Cause | What I offer
Personal, Professional and business Coach. Integrating spiritual healing and mindset coaching to increase personal growth. I am located in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga
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Too many of us live by others  opinions, and consequently don’t own their worth, they lack self-belief and are constantly seeking validation externally.

As a mindset coach, I partner you to:

    • Identify and accept your own true worth, to experience a more fulfilled life and accelerate you to a higher level of consciousness.


    • Discover your purpose and access the courage to overcome your fears revealing a world of new possibilities, true freedom, success and a life where nothing has you.


    • Collapse the self-limiting beliefs that run your life. Working with your belief systems is an extremely powerful tool for anyone wanting to harness their capabilities, to learn, grow and evolve as an individual or professional.


    • Create new exciting goals and opportunities in your life, relationships, career and business.


    • Support you to bring your thoughts, words and actions into alignment with your personal truths, values and character in order to produce the desired results.


    • Challenge, motivate, provide direction, keep you accountable and offer an outside, objective perspective. Where improvements can be made, I sees the finish line and understand what it will take to get you there. Your goal becomes mine.

Effective business coaching is both personal and strategic, however I believe that everything begins at a personal level, which is often overlooked.  In order to determine our starting point I work with the owner to identify what stage of the business cycle they are at, either start-up, growth, capital raising, acquisition or succession, and then move into goal setting and outlining the customized structure for our partnership.

For further information on my business coaching, please see my business coaching page.

I invite you to book a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation