Deb Griffiths | Own Your Worth | Business Coaching | Mt Maunganui, Tauranga and Internationally
Transform you business and increase your income. Business coaching that gets the most out of you, your business and gets results
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Effective business coaching is both personal and strategic, however I believe that everything begins at a personal level, which is often overlooked.  In order to determine our starting point I work with the owner to identify what stage of the business cycle they are at, either start-up, growth, capital raising, acquisition or succession, and then move into goal setting and outlining the customized structure for our partnership.


There are typically two reasons we are reluctant to change or seek growth; firstly, fear and secondly the comfort we get from the status quo. On top of that we often limit opportunities by the story we tell ourselves, especially around success and money. It is for these reasons that I bring in a behavioural element to my business coaching partnerships. Personal and professional goal setting, beliefs, values and authentic leadership.

In order to change and get different results, an owner needs to understand and accept that getting out of their own way is the first step to experiencing a new way of being in their everyday interactions and learn to act from a more empowered space, this not only enables the business to perform better, but also for the owner to receive the growth and success they are personally after.

This is a 6 month, one to one business coaching program personalized to work with you to transform your business and earn your worth!!

During this coaching partnership we work with business owners to challenge the status quo, to achieve transformational business growth, improve business performance and increase profits.

Our coaching offers a thought-provoking and creative process with a fresh perspective on standard business coaching. The benefits to you and your business will be significant and the return on investment will be made very clear.


Our program outline is as follows;

Stage 1 – The planning stage is to identify your unique goals, barriers, needs and vision as an owner

Stage 2 – We look at the story you are telling yourself in relation to personal and business success, introducing the behavioural portion of the coaching partnership

Stage 3 – Vision, strategy, structure and cultural development

Stage 4 – Products / services, systems and processes, finances, marketing and sales

Stage 5 – Ongoing support, expanding leadership skills, increasing networks and feedforward


Having a business coach will challenge you to reach further, set new goals and achieve better results through:


  • Assistance to implement efficiencies and provide ongoing support which is generally not available after attending a business course or workshop;
  • Access to frameworks and templates to develop & implement strategic business plans & measurement of KPIs.
  • Independent impartial advice;
  • Accountability, motivation and inspiration;
  • An empathetic person to listen to the challenges you face;
  • Receive constructive feedforward and on-going support & encouragement;
  • Expand your knowledge, leadership skills and management practices


Please get in touch to discuss your eligibility for potential funding options.