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Clear Your Money Blocks – $69 to $300

Tuesday 27th March 2018, 6pm – 9pm


Recognise, Release and Receive!!!

If you are ready to learn how to manifest your desires into your life without continually working so hard, then keep on reading…
Honestly, The blocks to manifesting abundance with ease are simple,if you are ready to take the required steps.

People have asked and I am going to deliver! The last clear your money blocks workshop was such a great success that I will be running another one. Whether you are a business owner or employee, this workshop will help you kick start your 2018 into abundance and healthy money beliefs and behaviors.

Whatever is emotionally stopping you from experiencing abundance there is a way to love yourself, let go of it and…
Step Into Your Power!

What are the money beliefs you are holding that are preventing you from having and receiving abundance?

-Do you back your earning potential?
-Do you believe you deserve to receive money?
-Do you feel you never have enough?
-Does your money disappear as fast as it appears
-Are your money woes causing you stress and anxiety

Join behaviour specialist, coach and healer, Deb Griffiths for her abundance workshop where you will learn the formula for holding onto your money as well as having your negative / limiting money beliefs cleared from your subconscious.

 Stop blocking money from your life
 Change your money perceptions
 Uncover programmed money fears and clear them
 5 steps to holding onto your money

Feedforward from my previous workshop:
“Thank you Deb for transcending and sharing all your knowledge, energy and power with us”
“Lovely evening, thank you! I look forward to another session with you Deb”
“It was terrific. Perfect duration and was everything i expected and more.. awesome!”

Ticket costs;

Option 1 – early bird price $69 per person (before 15th March 2018),/p>

Option 2 – standard ticket $89 per person (after 15th March 2018)

Option 3 – A deep dive session into your internal filters including both healing and coaching. Accelerate your life into a new trajectory for 2018. Special offer $300. This includes access to this workshop and 1.5 hour one on one session with Deb.

Love vs Fear – What drives you? – $99

Saturday 12th August 2017, 9am till 1pm


Do you feel like you are on the wrong road going in the wrong direction or perhaps have no direction?

Imagine a life where your decisions were based on love and you trust your choices. Imagine learning from every experience leading you to clarity, direction and purpose.

Do you make decisions based on fear?

Do you regret the choices you have made?

Is your past holding you hostage?

Do you know what you want?

Do you feel overwhelmed with confusion?

Do you love life, are you living your passion yet still making choices from fear based projections?

This is an opportunity for you to identify what is holding you in these patterns and shift them to become the empowered you.

This workshop will include:


  • What are your limiting beliefs
  • How are they showing up for you daily
  • Awareness to change what you know


  • What drives you
  • Your unique plan / statement
  • Your why

Energy Vibrations

  • The power of energy
  • Manifestation
  • Raise your vibration

Change your personal dynamics and become empowered through awareness, connection, clarity and integration.

Tune-In Workshop $99

Come on a journey with Deb Griffiths, Soul Energy Healer and Sustainable Mindset Coach, learn how to Tune In to your intuition and universal abilities through your Chakra System.  Become inspired, energized and uplifted with new knowledge, new tools to help you live in the world of energy, consciousness and intuition. Begin to live with a greater sense of wholeness and connection to yourself!

This workshop will include:


  • start to trust in the unknown and reconnect to self
  • Become more heart based (feel) vs head based (think)
  • Understand what stops you from trusting


  • Heal yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Learn the 7 physical Chakras
  • Understand what each Chakra point means


  • The Power of Manifestation.
  • Understand the vibe you and others emanate
  • Raise your vibration


  • Benefits of grounding
  • Gain insight into what colours, thoughts and or techniques can balance your chakras and ground and centre you
  • Learn what surfaces are not grounding


  • Four tools to letting go
  • How this benefits you in your life
  • Reclaim your power


  • Learn meditation techniques
  • How does meditation benefit your life?
  • Meditation and clearing chakras
I invite you to book a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation